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NbtstatCE is a netbios scanner. It will find all Windows shares on a subnet. Only the Windows Mobile 2003 executable was compiled. Other versions will be compiled upon request. It has been tested on an Ipaq 2215 with a Trendnet CF 10/100 Ethernet adapter(TE-CF100) and an Ambicom WL1100C-CF 802.11b Wireless CompactFlash Card. It can also do a subnet ping scan.

Please remember that NbtstatCE is ALPHA software. There are many code bugs and formatting bugs in this version. If you find a bug or problems with NbtstatCE, please submit a bug report.
Some of the source code came from here. Thanks eSDee! Looks like this link died!

Version 0.05 released! Windows Mobile 2003/2005 version: NbtstatCE_0.05.zip
A few people have asked for a Pocket PC 2002 version of NbtstatCE. It is here: nbtstatce_PPC2002.zip
The PPC 2002 version has NOT been tested on a PPC 2002 device. Send a bug report if there is a problem with it.
NbtstatCE Sourceforge project page
NbtstatCE Screenshots
Windows Mobile 2003 Binary:  NbtstatCE_0.05.zip
Embedded Visual C++ source code:  NbtstatCE.0.04zip
NbtstatCE 0.05 Readme:  Readme_0.05.txt

Bug reports go here:  NbtstatCE Bug Reports
Feature requests go here:  NbtstatCE Feature Requests
Developer email: bads3ctor at users.sourceforge.net

License:  GNU General Public License(GPL)

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